Feb 02

The occasion arises to cause anxiety for people throughout the country – it’s almost Valentine’s Day!!! For us, one of the biggest stressors is gauging what people want to receive. There are plenty of online sources and local flower shops that cover the traditional, romantic dozen rose bouquets. So, we decided to look to our friends (and ourselves) as inspiration to put together a collection of things that we might want to receive. If you know us (or follow us on facebook or instagram) you probably know that we LOVE sweets, caffeine, and just about anything that is really cute. And of course – flowers! Each selection is something we would love to get on Valentine’s and we hope you love them too! Introducing our VDAY collection:

 You’ll notice that there are a few options for sweets and tea this year. We’re all about supporting local vendors so we were beyond excited to meet the guys over at Socha Tea, a Pasadena based company that focuses on organic ingredients when preparing their loose leaf tea blends. They know and understand their craft and provide such a unique experience for events. They also make custom blends for wedding favors AND they do catering. We met them recently at a wedding show and were hooked after trying their Jasmine Green Tea mocktail – Socha Jasmine Green Tea with mandarin oranges, fresh ginger, shaken and chilled. Say what?!!? SO GOOD!


Each sampler tea box comes with 5 different flavors to try along with filters for the ideal brew. Each packet brews up to 6 cups so use sparingly if you’re selfishly enjoying your tea (as you should be!).

Our other collaborator this year is our good friend, Danielle Keene of  Top Chef Desserts fame. Danielle does dessert catering and is in the process of raising funds to open her own brick and mortar, Sheila Mae Bakery. Danielle specializes in nostalgic dessert creations and has created vanilla and chocolate cupakes, a few varieties of cookies (chewy, buttery goodness!) and berry chocolate gourmet popcorn for our collection. We do a lot of dessert tabletops with her and love her spunk. Check out her Indie Gogo page and help support Sheila Mae!



Each of the sweets boxes comes with a confetti balloon and packaged together with all the trims and fixings to make it super special!

Hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Collection highlight – we hope to hear from you!!!





Oct 30

Halloween is one of those holidays that beg for your creativity when it comes to decorations and costumes. We thought we’d contribute to the mix with a project that you can easily do at home for your Halloween Party (or with a variation of elements just about any kind of party!). We’d like to call this our Spooky Terranium!

   photo 2(8)

This DIY tutorial is actually a collaborative project we did with our good friends at Wen Floral for the Event Planners Association. Keep an eye out as we will be doing more projects with Wen Floral in the months to come!

Here are the materials you’ll need:



(gold and black spray paint, river rock, an 8″ glass bubble bowl, and black glitter)

Here are the flowers that you’ll need:


(black dahlias, pumpkin branches, manzanita branches, succulents and reindeer moss)

You may not have access to black dahlias but a succulent spray painted black would be an easy substitute! You can find pumpkin branches at your local Trader Joe’s. And any random small branch will do.

STEP 1: Break your manzanita into smaller pieces so they resemble small trees that will fit into the bubble bowl.

STEP 2: Spray paint the manzanita pieces black. While wet, throw some glitter on it. We used black glitter for  a subtle sheen but gold would be really pretty too. Spray paint a few river rocks gold.

Your materials should be ready (chopsticks or a long spoon is also super handy in maneuvering the pumpkins!):

the collection

STEP 3: Prepare your bubble bowl. Pour some water in and add the moss to provide the flowers some nice cushion. Add the dahlia and succulent first, then drop in your branch. Then pluck the little pumpkins off the branch and scatter them around the base:


There’s no right or wrong placement!

Now for the final touch – DRY ICE to give it that enchanted, dark forest factor. You can find dry ice at Smart & Final:


BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING DRY ICE AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Wearing gloves, break small pieces of the dry ice and throw (carefully) into the bubble bowl. Add warm water to activate the carbon dioxide gas and you’ll get a foggy effect!

Ta DA!!!!!


If the fog ceases after a few minutes, simply drop some more warm water over the dry ice to reactivate it. Use these as centerpieces or place submersible LEDS for porch decor. Add small animals and create scenes to gift to friends!

Oct 22

After a long hiatus from blogging, we are baaaaack!

We’re so excited to be sharing with you this romantic seaside ceremony and reception at Shutters on the Beach, captured perfectly by Michelle Kim. Pink, in all it’s variations, is probably the color scheme that is most requested from brides. It’s one of the easiest colors to find in flowers, but one of the hardest colors to match at the same time. Soft pink, blush pink, and ballet pink are all VERY different!

Fortunately for us our bride, Kelley, gave us a general soft pink palette and let us run with it. With the natural light and backdrop of the ocean, the colors were so soft and pretty. We incorporated ranunculus, dahlias, hydrangea, sweet pea and dusty miller to give the flowers that fluttery texture.

Bridal Bouquet:


Bridesmaid’s Bouquet:

photo by www.michkimphoto.com

I loved the different shades of blush, peach and gray in the girls’ dresses!


Nolan was so adoring and attentive to Kelley through the process. This picture captures it so well!


The ocean breeze was juuuust right:


Phalaenopsis orchids and lilac draped over roses, spray roses, dahlia and dusty miller for the ceremony backdrop:


One more, for good measure!



Guests were escorted to the ballroom foyer to find their seats:


Centerpieces were placed on glass footed bowls, accented with vintage picture frames for table numbers:


Sweetheart table:


A big thanks to Picture Perfect Events for connecting us with such a sweet couple!



Apr 04

We’re coming up on our one year anniversary of our last blog entry and thought it was only appropriate to celebrate with a tutorial on how to make egg cups! Better late than never, right? :) We’ve actually recreated them for various parties in the last year and would love for you to present your guests with these dainty vases just in time for Easter!

Keep in mind that this is our first real DIY Tutorial (shot by an amateur photographer on an iphone who drank too much coffee) so leave us some feedback and let us know how we did.

So here are our original egg cups in all their glory:

To start this project, here’s what you’ll need:

*pretty napkins, a fork, a few spare cups/bowls, sharp scissors, small paintbrushes, Super Surface Sealer, spray paint (color of your choice), dowels, Mod Podge Glue, and assorted flowers. Oh and EGGS!

Step 1: Using a fork tine, puncture a small hole on the top of the egg. With your fingers, carefully peel away the shell until you get an opening of about 1″. Reserve the eggs in a clean bowl for cooking or other crafty projects!

Step 2: Prepare your egg holder contraption. We used an old cardboard box to secure dowels in place. After emptying the eggs, rinse carefully (remove the inner lining of the egg with hot water and rubbing it gently) and place on the dowel to dry. If you’re planning on spray painting some of your eggs, make a box with dowels for every color you plan to use (we didn’t follow our own instructions and held the dowel while painting. We don’t suggest you try it…but you can if you want). That way you can spray all your eggs at once. Rotate the egg on the dowel as you spray (with a light hand). Allow the eggs to dry for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Prepare your patterns. We used napkins that you can easily find at most party supply stores, Michael’s or Target. You can also use paper punches on tissue paper (or for the super skilled, cut out your own pattern). Cut along the edge of whatever image you want. Since most edges have a white outline and egg shells are white, your cuts can be a bit more forgiving. If you are gluing onto a darker shell, cut your patterns more evenly along the edges. Make sure what you cut fits on the egg!

Step 4: Apply a dab of Mod Podge glue onto the egg shell in order to get the piece to stay in place. After shifting your pattern in place, paint a thin, even layer of Mod Podge glue over. You can hold the egg or work off the dowel contraption you made. Remember to work in a well ventilated area!!!! Allow to dry for at least an hour (to speed up their dry time, use a fan). After it’s fully dry to the touch, spray Surface Sealer (available at most craft stores). This will ensure that the coating becomes waterproof (you can skip the Surface Sealer if you aren’t planning on using it with or near water). Allow to dry another 10 minutes.

Step 5: Fill your eggs! You can peruse your street for blooms (with permission of course). On our street alone we have sage, kangaroo paw, bougainvillea, and iris. Use herbs or plant succulents! For this example we’ve pulled anemones, sweet pea, muscari, billy ball, berzillia, ranunculus, lilac and pieris.

You don’t have to match the exact colors of your egg cup designs to your flowers. It does help to have accent of color in there to make it cohesive, but these are meant to be playful. So have a good time! Here are our results:

We hope these basic steps will open up a world of decorating and embellishing egg cups! If you’ve made any after seeing this tutorial, we would LOVE to see and feature your creations. Please send all submissions to fleuretica@gmail.com. Can’t wait to see them. Happy Easter!

Apr 15

Recently, a client commissioned us to make a special birthday arrangement for her mom – something that was different but could also transition into Easter decorations. If you know Kendra or me very well, something “different” can be interpreted in many ways – usually bordering on outlandish with a little bit of zany. Then we have to reel our ideas in and refine them until they are somewhere between accessible and unique. Sooo, here’s our interpretation of a birthday/Easter arrangement:

“Egg Cups: The Pretty Dozen”:

We mixed and matched the eggs using decoupage and spray paint, and also keeping some of the eggs clean and simple.

Our first egg is our Golden Egg with candy tuft and ranunculus:

The next one is our Lotus Egg with sweet pea and billy ball:

The client also wanted to personalize the eggs so we added her mom’s name in addition to some special words:

Another shot of this egg:

One of my favorites, the Cloisonne Vase Egg:

The Hummingbird Egg with sweet pea, scabiosa, and berzillia berries:

The Botannical Egg with candy tuft, ranunculus, and berzillia:

Another Golden Egg, filled with flowering branches:

Kendra’s favorite – The Sunny Side Up egg with yellow ranunculus with Queen Anne’s lace:

Our Golden Cloisonne Vase with scabiosa, allium and waxflower:

A Happy Egg:

We’re so glad we got to do this project and even more so that we were able to personalize it.

Now, who’s up for some omelettes? :)

Nov 11

We are super pleased/honored/beyond excited to have been added to Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book of vendors! You can find us in the event design category for Los Angeles.

Oct 27

We’re back on this blogging parade!

Our next featured wedding was shot by Kali Kraum, a photographer from the Bay Area. Kali generously sent us a gallery of images, chock full of amazing detailed shots! It’s no wonder the bride raved about how wonderful she was -  not just in her work, but also through the entire process. We also want to give DNT Events a special shout out for making the day come together so nicely!

Susanne and Ryan, our featured couple, wanted a carnival inspired wedding, and Calamigos Ranch was the place for it. They wanted playful elements incorporated into the decor and wanted to ensure that nothing was overdone or too formal. They even had a cotton candy machine and popcorn maker that guests could use during their cocktail hour. Meet Susanne and Ryan!

The main wedding colors were orange and blue, but Susanne wanted a loosely arranged bouquet of blush, creams, and greenery mixed within. We created a bouquet of sweet pea, dinner plate dahlia, ranunculus, and lisianthus:

The girls carried bouquets of dahlias, majolica spray rose, ranunculus, parrot tulips, poppies, and fever few in shades of orange, coral, blush, and cream.

Susanne also wanted a whimisical backdrop for the ceremony area, so we created tissue paper pom poms and yarn wrapped lanterns to hang from the trees. We used tangerine and papaya paper, accented with blue and pink:

On the aisle, we made paper cones and added little medallions to it, with a button center:

And here are the carnival inspired details we brought in:

We were all for a balloon dart board game but eventually decided it would be cute (and safer) to do a balloon place card dart board:

The Lighter Side suspended colorful hanging lanterns in the reception tent:

To further add to the ambiance, Calamigos has a functional ferris wheel on site. Ryan, a graphic designer, made all the stationary:

The simple centerpieces were created around carnival games – bobbing for apples, ring toss, ping pong and can toss. Susanne wanted to see bright pops or orange on the table and made these runners herself!

Lastly, Susanne wanted a structure behind the head table so we brought in a structure and swagged it with ribbons and crepe paper galore!

Cheers and a big thanks to Susanne + Ryan!!!! :)

Oct 18

I think this post may be broken down to 3 posts, depending on how far this cup of coffee takes me! I’m totally loving this colder weather – there’s just a moodier, darker vibe that lends itself to designing. Plus, setting up an outdoor wedding is much easier when the temperature is kinder!  I’m saying goodbye to my shoe/tank top tan and welcoming my sweaters with open arms. :D


Our biggest and greatest news that we have to share is that our work was featured in the latest Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine! Michael Segal was the photographer behind the lens for this 1920′s inspired wedding. Our couple, Nicole and Dylan, were not only the nicest people but also so gorgeous and fitting for the look they were going for. They wanted to infuse Art Deco elements into their wedding and found an estate that incorporated architecture just right for that era . Nestled against the Western Justice System Buildings, the Maxwell House overlooks the Colorado Street Bridge of Pasadena – perfect for breathtaking images!

We did some research and saw some incredible wedding portraits of the 20s which we used as our inspiration for shower bouquets. Shower bouquets were popular at that time and each bridesmaid carried full (and I mean FULL), rounded bouquets of roses, ivy, trailing ribbon with roses and gardenias glued to it.

Then and now:

Check out the latest Wedding Style Magazine on newstands now!


Next up is Valerie & Chris’ wedding at the Westminster Church in Pasadena (pictures courtesy of http://www.loveala.net/). I actually met Chris a long time ago through my sister and he remembered me all those years as a floral designer. Valerie happened to be a friend of another one of our past brides (who happened to marry my childhood friend) and thus began this complex web of great connections!

Valerie wanted a vibrant peony bouquet – we really lucked out with these lush blooms of ‘Felix supreme’, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, and ‘Shirley Temple’ peonies. 

They’re so sweet together! This is my favorite shot of them:

Congrats to you guys!


Next up is Beatrice and Ryan – pictures shot by The Brothers Wright Photography.

To summarize a whole other web of connections, both my sisters separately introduced me to Beatrice and Ryan (gotta give it up to family to being my biggest promoters) and thus started our long distance relationship. Beatrice was living and planning her wedding from Hong Kong and we collaborated through the magic of email. My family actually had a small part in this wedding with my brother in law officiating and my niece as a flower girl. My sister’s family (minus her youngest) debut on this blog:

We only did the personal flowers for this wedding but Beatrice painstakingly made origami topiaries for the church pews, centerpieces, and table numbers! Check out their details:

Favorite shot (taken at my alma mater):


Our last featured wedding for today’s post is Jessica and Daniel’s Wedding at the Stone Manor Estates in Malibu. These  pictures were dropped off to us by seasoned photographer Asgeir Bollason himself – what a super cool guy!

The Stone Manor Mansion has views of Catalina, bouganvillea billowing archways, hidden doors, and a quaint ambiance on a sprawling, manicured estate. All the pictures you’re about to see were all taken on the grounds of the Stone Manor. It was so refreshing to set up the flowers overlooking the ocean and to pretend for those few hours I was in my own backyard. :D

We met Jessica and Daniel through Stacy Porras, who made the wedding come together with ease. Jessica and Daniel are really laid back, so it was natural that the day felt effortless and relaxed. Jessica and Daniel are avid divers and she  was totally open to all of our ideas. She just wanted to incorporate oceanic elements and had an affinity for lilies. We used bits of mini starfish, coral, and driftwood to bring it all together. We also created a classic bouquet of white Casablanca lilies, finished with fabric that matched the bridesmaid dresses.

My favorite of this series?

Congrats to all our happy couples! Stay tuned for more posts.

Jul 19

Being a floral designer is pretty cool…and what we do has such a small part in the overall scheme of a wedding. We love to see the end result of numerous months of planning, and the thoughts that went into the details like naming tables, unique cake toppers, and favors. It’s neat to see a photographer capture a couple’s story on film and even more fulfilling knowing that the details we’ve created helped to tell it!

We’ve been a part of some great stories these last few months and some of those weddings have been featured on wedding blogs and on the blogs of photographers that we admire and love. We are super lazy bloggers (if you couldn’t tell) so we will let the blogs and photographers do the work for us. :)

*Up first is Sarah and Raymond’s wedding shot by our friend Caroline Tran, featured on June Bug Weddings. Sarah came in with her parents for every one of our floral meetings. They just seemed so supportive of her through the process and were really sweet! Sarah has a keen sense of style but wasn’t particular about anything – she entrusted us with her vision. Most of the details were soft with pops of color here and there. And her shoes…DANG!

Check out more details from Sarah and Raymond’s wedding here.

*Our next feature was Kelly and Michael’s wedding, photographed by another good friend Desi Baytan (it’s nice to have photographer friends, isn’t it?). We have never done a Russian Orthodox wedding so we got to learn the etiquette of placing flowers in front of the various icons, that guests aren’t seated during the ceremony, and that women aren’t allowed to be on the altar (which we didn’t know until we were done). Father Mike was hilarious and helpful, offering us tools and chairs during setup.

Kelly and Michael have such a classic, beautiful look about them. They wanted  a wedding that was rustic with an Old World European feel. They originally booked a quaint bistro as their reception venue but it unfortunately closed down just a few months before their wedding. Without seeming phased, Kelly went on planning and ended up choosing the Georgian Room at the Langham. It was different but added to the look she was going for. AND, I really admire Kelly for handling everything the way she did! :)

For more details about Kelly and Michael’s wedding, check out their wedding here on Grey Likes Weddings!

*Next up, Julie and Mike at the Villa del Sol in Sierra Madre, captured by the dynamic duo that is EP Love:

First, I have to mention something totally unrelated and that is that Julie and Mike got ready at this FANTASTIC house overlooking the rose bowl. I am in awe of how awesome that house is. Anyway, Julie has this laid back demeanor that makes her cool (like that house). She was open to our ideas and because it was the height of peony season, we incorporated it everywhere! We had fun creating an aisle runner of petals to draw the eyes down the cypress lined lily pond.

*taken by kendra’s iphone

Click here to see more of Julie and Mike!

Okay, not done yet…but I’ll do one last highlight before I attempt to blog again in a few months (just being honest…but hopefully will be sooner!).

*Sometimes we do flowers for a wedding where we don’t meet the bride until the day of the wedding. This usually happens with our out of town clients or brides who are waaay busy. While we don’t prefer this, we try to ask enough questions (or interrogate as some like to call it) to get the best sense of what a bride’s vision is. Such was the case with Karen and Clay for their wedding at the Athenauem at Cal Tech. Cat from Next Exit sent us beautiful images of their wedding:

Cat got shots that captured the labor of love of Karen and Clay’s family and friends who helped to make their day super special and personal!

For more on Karen and Clay’s wedding, check out the Next Exit Blog but be sure to check out the rest of Cat and Adi’s work. We love them!!

Okay…I’m spent. I’m not made for blogging. Stay cool! :D

May 14

Check out our newest venture with Picture Perfect Events – Popisme Dessert Concierge! Here’s a  peek of the shoot we did but please go to the Popisme Blog to see more details!

We were super lucky to have Cakes by the Pound on our team to design the cake & desserts, and Caroline Tran for capturing the display just as we felt it.

The display was also featured on Style Me Pretty today – it’s a great start to our incredibly crazy weekend! :)